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Dra. Lisa Vicente

Lisa Vicente_edited_edited.jpg



Medical Board Number 35137


Portuguese, English, French, Spanish



Preconception, Pregnancy and postpartum surveillance, Diabetes and pregnancy, Contraception, Sexology and sexual dysfunctions, Menopause, Trans Health and Gender Diversity



  • Graduate Assistant in Gynecology-Obstetrics. Postgraduate in Sexual Medicine. Recognized Competence in Sexology by the Order of Physicians.

  • Responsible for the Reproductive Health Consultation of the Portuguese Diabetics Protective Association (APDP) since 2002.

  • Member of the Sexology Competence Board of the Order of Physicians since 2017. President of the Sexology Competence Board since 2023.

  • Trainer in the Clinical Sexology Specialization Courses of the Portuguese Society of Clinical Sexology (SPSC), in the Postgraduate Courses in Human Sexuality (FML-SPSC), and in the Doctoral Program in Human Sexuality at the Faculty of Psychology and Education of Porto.



  • Trained in Gynecology-Obstetrics at the Maternidade Dr. Alfredo da Costa.

  • Collaborator of the National Reproductive Health Program of the Directorate-General of Health (2007-2009).

  • Head of the Division of Sexual, Reproductive, Child, and Juvenile Health at the Directorate-General of Health (2009-2016).

  • Between 2016 and 2023, worked at the Maternidade Dr. Alfredo da Costa – Central Lisbon University Hospital's Maternal-Fetal Medicine Service. Coordinator of the Diabetes and Pregnancy Consultation (2017-2023).

  • Co-author of books on diabetes care, contraception, sexuality, Public Health, Female Genital Mutilation.

  • Author and co-author of scientific articles in national and international scientific journals.

  • Articles published in popular magazines and mass media on Sexual Health and Reproductive Health.

  • Author of the book "The V Atlas." Arena / Penguin Random House (2019), addressing gender issues, sexual response, and practical issues about the vulva and vagina throughout life. The book also discusses sexuality at different stages of life.

  • Participates in training activities for professionals in different fields of knowledge on topics such as sexual health, reproductive health, sexuality, LGBTQIA+ health, menopause, female genital mutilation, contraception, and diabetes.


  • Portuguese Society of Clinical Sexology (SPSC), where she coordinates the Women's Sexuality Committee of this Society (2008-2012 and 2018-2022), currently designated as the Women's Sexuality and Cultural Challenges Committee.

  • Member of the International Academy of Sex Research (IASR).

  • Portuguese Society of Obstetrics and Maternal-Fetal Medicine.

  • European Society of Contraception and Reproductive Health (ESCRH).

  • Portuguese Contraception Society (SPDC).

  • Portuguese Society of Diabetology.

  • Portuguese Society of Andrology, Sexual Medicine, and Reproduction. Member of the Board (2017-2022).

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